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Checkered Rug

The Plaid & Checkered Collection brings to your living space an enduring aesthetic of structured patterns. The color palette harmoniously melds the subtle with the vibrant, offering a curated selection that ranges from classic black and white checks to the comforting tones of earthy browns and greens, and extending into bolder...Read More
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 About Plaid Rug

Our Checkered Rug and Plaid Rug at Rugitall transcend the conventional concept of floor coverings; they epitomize the enduring character and adaptability of classic patterns. Each rug is meticulously crafted to not only grace your space but also evoke a sense of timeless sophistication. These rugs seamlessly marry aesthetics with durability, promising lasting beauty in the face of everyday use. Their cosy and inviting textures make them equally pleasing to the eye and to the touch. Whether you're looking to infuse your interior with a touch of rustic charm or seeking to accentuate a vintage ambiance, Rugitall's Plaid & Checkered Rugs offer the perfect fusion, where tradition and style harmonise effortlessly.

What Styles of Checkered Rugs Does Rugitall Offer?

At Rugitall, we take immense pride in our diverse collection of Plaid & Checkered Rug, thoughtfully curated to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. Our Classic Heritage Rugs category showcases timeless plaid and checkered rug patterns, perfect for those who appreciate the enduring allure of traditional design. If you're in search of a dash of rustic elegance for your space, explore our Modern Rugs category, where you'll discover rugs that effortlessly encapsulate the essence of classic character with a modern twist. Furthermore, our Modern Interpretations of Classic Rugs category presents contemporary twists on plaid and checkered designs, ideal for those who seek a harmonious blend of old-world character with a modern edge. Rugitall's Plaid & Checkered Rugs collection guarantees there's a style to match every individual's distinctive taste and vision of classic refinement.

What Sizes are Available for Plaid & Checkered Rugs?

Rugitall offers Plaid & Checkered Rugs in a variety of sizes, from small accent rugs to large area rugs. We have sizes such as 60x90 , 90x150 , 160x235, 200x300 ,and more.

How do I choose the right Checkered Rug & Plaid Rug for my space?

When you're in the process of selecting a Plaid & Checkered Rug, it becomes essential to take various factors into account to ensure it harmonises perfectly with your living space. To begin with, reflect on your personal style and the overall aesthetic you aspire to achieve, as this will significantly influence your choice of design and pattern. Ensuring that the rug complements your existing colour scheme is of paramount importance; Plaid & Checkered Rugs come in a wide spectrum of colours, providing you with the flexibility to opt for bold and vibrant hues for a striking statement or serene, muted tones for a more understated touch. Also,durability remains a key consideration, especially if your space encounters substantial foot traffic. Seek out Plaid & Checkered Rugs crafted from sturdy materials that can endure the rigours of daily use, and consider the ease of maintenance to ensure your rug retains its pristine appearance.

What other Rug Colours, Styles, and Sizes Does Rugitall offer?

At Rugitall, we take pleasure in offering a wide variety of rug selections that accommodate a variety of décor styles and price points. In addition to our Plaid & Checkered Rugs, we have a wide range of designs, including Bohemian, Traditional, and Kids rugs, each of which is created to lend a special touch to your living areas. From the classic elegance of White & Cream to the striking contrasts of Black & White and the quiet serenity of Blue carpets, our colour categories include a wide range of hues. You may also go through our size selections to discover the ideal rug that perfectly complements your room. Your go-to location for a vast array of rug options that are customised to your unique preferences and needs is Rugitall.

Washable Checkered Rug & Plaid Rug to the Rescue

Place rugs anywhere in your home with peace of mind that they won't be ruined. Our Plaid & Checkered Rugs are water-resistant and stain-resistant. Whether you've got messy children and pets, or love to host parties and gatherings, our washable Plaid & Checkered Rugs can handle it all.
Can Plaid & Checkered Rugs be Returned?
We want you to feel confident in your purchase. lf you're not satisfied with your rug, you may return or exchange your order for any reason-even if you just change your mind-within 30 days of receipt. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item(s) for a full refund (minus a $25 processing fee per item).

Why Prioritize Durability in Our Plaid & Checkered Rugs?

 Rugitall is guided by a simple conviction: things should survive the test of time. That is why we prioritise durability in all aspects of our work. Non-shedding is a crucial attribute. We realise how inconvenient it is to regularly wipe up fibres shed from your rugs. Our goods are meant to alleviate that inconvenience, allowing you to enjoy them without having to do any extra work.
Our pile heights are carefully selected. We ensure that your rug not only looks beautiful but also retains its robustness with a height of 0.75 cm for both UV-protected and power-woven variations. These heights create the ideal balance, resulting in rugs that are both resilient and ready to bear the rigours of daily living.

Why Commitment to Sustainability Matters?

We are committed to sustainability, starting with sustainable production. We employ low-impact production methods, and we are pleased to report that we have reduced our energy consumption by a remarkable 20%. We meticulously harvest natural and organic fibres so that we may produce high-quality products with less of an environmental effect.
However, we go a step farther. Our ecologically friendly packaging serves as a tangible indication of our dedication. Our packaging is made from recyclable materials—more than 98% of them—and a significant portion of them are post-consumer recycled materials. We even provide a useful recycling guide to avoid our packaging from ending up in landfills and to give it a second life.