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Washing Machine Guide: Ensuring the Perfect Clean

Navigating the world of washing can be tricky, but we've got you covered. Our rugs harmonize with most standard washing machines, however, here are some guidelines to ensure the perfect clean.


Classic Cover Size (cm) 6kg 8kg+ 10kg+ 14kg+
185 Round
245 Round



Classic Cover Size (cm) Compatibility

  • 60x90 and Runners - Compatible with all machine sizes, from 6kg and up.
  • 90x150, 120x185, and 150x215 - Comfortably fits into machines of all sizes, from 6kg and beyond.
  • 185x275 and 185 Round - Pairs well with machines of 8kg and above.
  • 245 Round - Suitable for machines of 8kg capacity and more.
  • 245x305 and 275x365 - Recommended for larger machines with a capacity of 14kg.

In instances where your washing machine is smaller than the recommended size for your rug, we suggest visiting your local laundromat. These facilities typically house washing machines with capacities of 14kg and more, ensuring your rug gets the cleaning care it deserves.

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