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Rugitall Rugs: A Symphony of Innovation and Design

Welcome to the revolution of carpeting with Rugitall's exclusive Double-Layer Rug System, a marvel of design and practicality. Dive into the world of our two core components: a stylish, detachable Rug Cover and a sturdy Rug Pad.

Rug Cover

  • Wash with Ease: Slide our Rug Cover into your everyday washing machine and watch the magic unfold.
  • Resilient by Design: Constructed from robust polyester and fortified with a water-resistant barrier, our Rug Covers are ready for life's surprises.
  • Feather-light & Slim: With a minimal thickness of just 3mm, our Rug Cover is a sleek powerhouse.
  • Versatile and Interchangeable: Designed to partner with any Rugitall Rug Pad of identical size, for endless style possibilities.
  • Thoughtfully Created: Each Rug Cover is made-to-order, championing sustainability and reducing waste.

Classic Rug Pad

  • Slim & Trim: Our Classic Rug Pad sits neatly under your rug at a minimal 3mm thickness.
  • Firm Grip: Engineered for secure positioning, ensuring your Rug Cover stays put.
  • A Breeze to Clean: A dash of soap, a splash of water, and it's spotlessly clean.
  • Latex-Free: Crafted mindfully, our Classic Rug Pad is a latex-free haven.

Cushioned Rug Pad

  • Luxurious Comfort: Our 5mm-thick Cushioned Rug Pad offers an opulent plushness, akin to walking on a cloud.
  • Steadfast Stability: It keeps your Rug Cover firmly anchored, making your space secure and slip-free.
  • Latex-Free: Crafted mindfully, our Cushioned Rug Pad is a latex-free haven.

Experience the Rugitall promise – a fusion of elegance, practicality, and trailblazing design. Your floor, reimagined.