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About Rugitall Washable Rugs

Welcome to Rugitall, one of Australia's largest rug retailers and distributors. With years of rich history in the industry, our team has pioneered as market leaders in the realm of detachable, washable rugs. Not just limited to Australia, we serve as essential rug suppliers for significant online platforms in the US and Europe.
Our virtual display boasts of more than 10,000 distinct rug designs, making us one of the most comprehensive rug providers online. As your go-to destination for turning houses into dream homes, our world-inspired rug designs, celebrated for their prime quality and affordability, cater to every inch of your space. From rugs of various sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, round to uniquely shaped, we ensure there’s something tailored for every room.
The offerings aren't limited to just conventional designs. Dive deep into a world of exquisite contemporary, modern, and retro styles of Persian rugs and be mesmerized by the intricate aesthetics from regions like Tibet, India, Ziglar, Garous, Heriz, Afghanistan, and Kazakh. For those with a penchant for antiques, our range of pseudo-antique rugs will surely captivate you.
Embrace global trends with our Moroccan style rugs, featuring intricate designs inspired by distant cultures. For a pop of colour and freewheeling patterns, our Bohemian rugs infuse life and vibrancy into any room. Whether you're a modern trendsetter, a lover of timeless classics, or someone who appreciates a blend of both, our Contemporary rugs, Traditional rugs, and Transitional rug collections offer an array of styles to satisfy every taste.
Choosing the right rug size can be a daunting task, but Rugitall makes it simple by offering a variety of sizes to fit every space. Our large 250*365 cm rugs are ideal for expansive living rooms and fit beautifully under king-size beds, while our 200*300 cm rugs are perfect for anchoring your living room furniture or fitting snugly under queen-size beds. Our 75x215 cm runners and 75x305 cm runners are designed for long, narrow, high-traffic spaces such as hallways, kitchens, or even alongside your bed, seamlessly connecting different areas of your home. The 160*235 cm area rugs bring charm to dining rooms or transitional spaces, while the smaller 125*190 cm rugs offer versatile design additions for apartments or smaller rooms.
For those who want to make a bold statement, our 150 cm round rugs and 240 cm round rugs are a unique choice. Ideal for creating a focal point in large rooms, these rugs also work beautifully in smaller spaces, adding dimension and interest. The smaller size is great under a round dining table or in the centre of a bedroom, while the larger size can anchor a spacious living area or under a grand dining set. Our 60*90 cm rugs and 90*150 cm rugs are perfect for welcoming entrances into various rooms. 
Our global outreach is evident as we have set our footprints with offices in the US, Australia, and China, now offering a broad spectrum of rug choices to clients across five continents.
With free shipping, hassle-free 30-day returns, and a spectrum of designs from around the world, we've cemented our name as a trusted rug provider for countless shoppers across Australia.
At Rugitall, every rug tells a story, every weave captures an emotion. Dive into this world, discover your style, embrace unparalleled comfort, and enjoy the journey of making your house a home.