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About Our Door Mat 

Discover the versatility of our Door Mat - the ideal accent piece to elevate any space with a burst of pattern and colour. These compact rugs are designed to seamlessly integrate into various areas of your home, whether it's the welcoming hallway, the cozy kitchen, the soothing bathroom, the inviting living room, or even the charming patio (outdoor scenes).

What Patterns, Colours and Designs are Available for Door Mat?

Rug Pattern

When choosing a door mat , don't be afraid to try. Opt for geometric designs, characterized by shapes like squares, triangles, and hexagons, can add a contemporary and organized feel to your room. A geometric rug can also create a dynamic contrast when placed in a room with organic or curvilinear furniture. Or go for linear patterns, such as stripes or chevron, create a sense of direction and flow in your space. Horizontal lines can make a room appear wider, while vertical lines can give the illusion of height. Consider the room's proportions and the effect you want to achieve when choosing lined patterns.

Rug Colour

Our rugs are available in a variety of shades to complement your home's colour scheme and decor. A small rug size gives you the freedom to try out unique colour pairings to tastefully brighten up your space.
Consider electric blue rug or zesty yellow rug to add a lively splash of colour to your hallway. If you're aiming for a serene atmosphere in your outdoor living space, green rugs can bring a touch of nature to your setup. For those living the coastal or beach-inspired lifestyle, a teal Door mat will harmoniously tie in with your oceanic decor. And if you're hesitant about committing to a colour, you can't go wrong with a classic door mat in black & white—it's a versatile choice that seamlessly blends with almost any existing colour scheme.

Where Should You Place Your Door Mat?

You can place a door mat anywhere you want, but a little strategy might work better. Given its neither too overwhelming nor too diminutive size, we can strikes the perfect balance, promising a mini makeover with maximum style potential, making this compact wonder can effortlessly become the ultimate decor darling for your abode.
  • In the Kitchen: Door mat make an excellent kitchen addition, and our washable design ensures you can bid farewell to concerns about staining your beloved rug with spills and mishaps. These rugs, sized perfectly, fit ideally in front of your kitchen sink or stove, allowing you to cook and clean stylishly with a comfortable cushion underfoot.
  • In the Bathroom: Opt for a 60x90 bathroom rug to effortlessly elevate your bathroom decor. Consider placing it in front of your sink to enhance your cabinetry or position it in front of your toilet to infuse style into even the coziest of spaces.
  • In the Hallway: A small 60x90 door mat is the perfect addition to the entrance of your home.You can position it right in front of the door, either as a stylish layer beneath a doormat or under a small table to create a chic spot for your wallet and keys. 
  • In the Living Room: Don’t think living room are for large rugs. Fact is, for urban dwellers who lack space, Door mat is a stylish addition to a small living room. Place it under a coffee table to really tie the space together, Bolder colours can provide a nice accent to the space as well.

Washable Door Mat to the Rescue

Our Door Mat built to withstand whatever life throws their way. Our 60x90 washable rugs boast water-resistant and stain-resistant qualities. Whether you have rambunctious children and pets or frequently host parties and gatherings, rest assured that our 60x90 washable rugs can handle all the challenges with ease. What's more, you may check our Wash & Maintenance Guide for more information. 

What Size is a Door Mat?

A door mat measures 60cm wide and 90cm long.

Can Door Mat be Returned?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your door mat, you have the freedom to return or exchange your order within 30 days of receiving it. We want you to shop with confidence, even if you simply change your mind. 

Why Prioritize Durability in Our Door Mat? 

Our careful selection of pile heights showcases our dedication to durability: at 0.75 cm for both UV-protected and power-woven variants. We strive to ensure that your rug not only boasts stunning aesthetics but also maintains unwavering resilience. These carefully chosen heights strike the perfect equilibrium, rendering our rugs robust and well-equipped to withstand the demands of daily life.
Prioritizing durability isn't merely a preference; it signifies our unwavering commitment to furnishing you with enduring, dependable products. We firmly believe that when you invest in something, it should faithfully serve you for many years to come. Hence, we make durability a paramount consideration in all that we offer.

Why Commitment to Sustainability Matters?

Our dedication to sustainability starts at the very core of our production process. We prioritize low-impact manufacturing methods, achieving an impressive 20% reduction in energy consumption. We are meticulous in sourcing organic and natural fibers, not only to deliver high-quality products but also to minimize our environmental footprint.
However, our commitment to the environment doesn't stop at production. Our eco-conscious packaging is a testament to our unwavering dedication. Over 98% of our packaging materials are crafted from recyclable sources, and a substantial portion is derived from post-consumer recycled content. It's all part of our holistic approach to sustainability, from production to packaging.