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250x365 Rugs


About Our 250x365 Rugs

RugItAll’s 250x365 rugs symbolise the zenith of luxury and versatility. Perfectly fitting expansive living areas, royal suites, or large dining zones, they exude magnificence and grandeur. Crafted for longevity, these rugs are infused with water and stain-resistant features, safeguarding their pristine beauty. Their machine-washable trait further ensures ease of care, reflecting the brilliance of design and function.

Patterns, Colours, and Designs Available for 250x365 Rugs

Rug Pattern: Traverse our extensive collection of 250x365 Rugs, boasting a spectrum from avant-garde modern designs to timeless traditional patterns. Whether your heart gravitates towards understated, minimalist designs or the intricate richness of oriental patterns, our selection promises a mesmerising experience.
Rug Colour: Dive into our vast colour palette, spanning from tranquil muted shades to the effervescent brilliance of jewel tones. Be it timeless monochrome or a spectrum of vivid hues, our rugs are crafted to resonate with every aesthetic desire.

Perfect Placement for Your 250x365 Rug

In the Grand Hall: Bestow your grand hall with a touch of elegance by adorning it with a 250x365 rug. Its size aptly complements larger seating arrangements or elaborate furnishings, rendering an air of aristocracy.
In the Majestic Suite: Accentuate the grandeur of your vast bedroom with a 250x365 rug. Nestled beneath a luxurious bed setup, it amplifies the room's warmth and sophistication.
In the Sprawling Lounge: Adorn your spacious lounge with our rug. Tailored for the most expansive of rooms, it accentuates the room's decor, creating sublime and elegant sections.

250x365 Washable Rugs: The Epitome of Practical Luxury

RugItAll’s 250x365 rugs are not just about visual appeal; they are the embodiment of functional opulence. Their intrinsic resistance to water and stains, along with their machine-washable nature, ensures they cater to households where grandeur meets daily life.

Dimensions of the 250x365 Rug

With a width of 250cm and a splendid length of 365cm, these rugs emanate vastness, becoming the focal points in any large room.

Returns for 250x365 Rugs

Your satisfaction remains paramount at RugItAll. If, perchance, the 250x365 rug doesn’t encapsulate your vision, you can rely on a seamless return or exchange process within 30 days of its reception.

Relentless Pursuit of Durability

At RugItAll, durability is more than a feature; it's a commitment. Each rug is sculpted to combat daily wear, offering an ensemble of durability and unparalleled beauty. With a considered pile height of 0.75 cm, be it UV-protected or power-woven, our rugs are beacons of quality and endurance.

Embracing Sustainability

RugItAll's devotion to sustainability is manifest in all facets of our operation. Through sustainable practices, we have realised a commendable 20% decline in energy utilisation. Our dedication to sourcing organic and natural fibres champions both impeccable quality and a green ethos. Significantly, over 98% of our packaging is birthed from recyclable materials, further underpinned by our detailed recycling guide. When you choose RugItAll, you're aligning with a commitment that upholds luxury, while honouring and preserving the Earth.