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150 Round Rugs


About Our 150 Round Rugs

RugItAll’s 150 Round rugs stand as symbols of enduring charm and adaptability. Perfect for a variety of spaces – from cosy reading nooks, welcoming entrances to open-plan living areas – these rugs exude an aura of timelessness. Crafted for lasting appeal, they encompass water and stain-resistant properties, ensuring they remain a centrepiece for years to come. Their machine-washable nature reaffirms their blend of beauty and practicality.

Patterns, Colours, and Designs Available for 150 Round Rugs

  • Rug Pattern: Navigate our diverse collection of 150 Round Rugs, showcasing designs ranging from contemporary art-inspired patterns to classic, age-old motifs. Whether your taste is minimalist, intricate, or somewhere in-between, our collection beckons with the promise of endless possibilities.
  • Rug Colour: Delve into a myriad of hues, from soothing pastels to robust, vibrant shades. Whether you seek the calming touch of neutral tones or the vivacity of brighter palettes, our round rugs cater to every whim and fancy.

Where to Place Your 150 Round Rug

In the Lounge: Position your 150 Round rug centrally to pull together furniture pieces, creating a harmonious, intimate setting.
In the Bedroom: Nestle it under a round ottoman or at the foot of your bed for an added layer of luxury and texture.
In the Foyer: Use it as a warm welcome piece, offering guests an immediate taste of your impeccable style as they step into your abode.

150 Round Washable Rugs: Elegance Made Easy

RugItAll’s 150 Round rugs prioritise your peace of mind. Their innate water and stain-resistant traits, coupled with the ease of machine washing, ensure they're as functional as they are fashionable.

Dimensions of the 150 Round Rug

Sporting a diameter of 150cm, these circular rugs offer a comprehensive canvas of beauty, perfect for various settings and styles.

Returns for 150 Round Rugs

Your contentment is our utmost concern at RugItAll. If your 150 Round rug doesn’t quite match your envisaged style, rest easy knowing you can return or exchange it within 30 days of delivery.

Our Staunch Belief in Durability

Durability is an unwavering promise at RugItAll. Our round rugs are meticulously designed to resist daily wear and tear, seamlessly merging enduring beauty with resilience. With an optimal pile height and whether UV-protected or power-woven, our rugs promise longevity and grace.

Our Dedication to Sustainability

RugItAll's commitment to a sustainable future permeates our practices. Through our eco-responsible endeavours, we've achieved a substantial reduction in energy consumption. Our unwavering emphasis on organic and natural fibres not only upholds quality but also champions environmental well-being. Remarkably, over 98% of our packaging is eco-friendly, and our in-depth recycling guide ensures a green footprint. With RugItAll, you're choosing more than just a rug; you're embracing a brighter, more sustainable future."