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185 Round Rugs

Discover the transformative power of our 185 Round Rugs, where design meets versatility and form transcends function. These rugs are intricately crafted to serve as stunning centerpieces that meld seamlessly with diverse décor styles, be it modern minimalism or classic elegance. The round...Read More
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About Our 185 Round Rugs 

Discover the perfect synergy of style and practicality with our 185 Round Rugs. These elegant circular rugs not only enhance the aesthetics of your living space but also offer unmatched convenience through their washability. Crafted for high-traffic areas, spills and accidents are no longer a concern; simply toss them in the washing machine, and they emerge fresh and vibrant, ready to grace your home again. Embrace the timeless elegance of circular design while enjoying the ease of maintenance, making our 185 Round Rugs an indispensable addition to your daily life.

What Patterns, Colours and Designs are Available for 185 Round Rugs?

Rug Pattern: 

When selecting a 185 Round Rug, explore a range of design options to suit your aesthetic preferences. Embrace transitional patterns that seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary elements, offering timeless elegance with a modern twist. For a more contemporary look, consider opting for modern designs, which often feature abstract motifs and clean lines, adding a touch of avant-garde sophistication to your space. Classic designs, on the other hand, evoke a sense of heritage and timelessness, featuring intricate motifs and patterns inspired by traditional craftsmanship. 

Rug Colour: 

Our 185 Round Rugs are available in a delightful array of colors to harmonize with your home's color palette and decor. For a vibrant and playful touch, explore the Pink & Purple collection, infusing a sense of creativity and energy into your space. To evoke a connection with nature, choose from our round Green Rugs, bringing the tranquility of the outdoors into your indoor or outdoor living areas. For a serene coastal ambiance, opt for the Blue Rugs collection, mirroring the soothing hues of the sea. If you seek a versatile option that effortlessly complements any existing color scheme, consider a classic black and white 185 Round Rug, offering timeless elegance and adaptability.

Where Should You Place Your 185 Round Rugs?

185 Round Rugs are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of settings to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Some of the most suitable scenarios include:
  • In the Dining Room: Place a 185 Round Rug under a circular dining table to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for family meals or entertaining guests. It adds a sense of unity to the dining space and it always is. Dinning room is the second-to-none choice from Rugitall’s lens.
  • In the Hallway: Make a memorable first impression by positioning a 185 Round Rug in your foyer. It can serve as a stylish transition from the outdoors to the indoors while also helping to keep dirt and debris at bay.
  • In the Bedroom: Inject a touch of luxury to your bedroom by placing a 185 round rug beside the bed. It provides a soft and comfortable surface for your feet when you get up in the morning.
  • In the Kid’s Room: 185 round rugs are a great choice for nurseries and children's rooms. They create a playful and safe play area for kids, and the washable design ensures easy cleanup of spills and messes.
  • In the Home Office: A 185 Round Rug under your desk chair not only adds style but also reduces wear and tear on the floor. It can define your workspace within a larger room. It won’t occupy much space for a nice-to-have adornment of great function, boosting your productivity as always.

Washable 185 Round Rugs to the Rescue

One of the remarkable features of our 185 Round Rugs is their hassle-free washability. Designed to be easy to clean, their maintenance is thus a breeze. Most standard home washing machines, typically with a capacity of 7-8 kg or larger, should accommodate a 185 round rug comfortably. This means you can bid farewell to concerns about spills, stains, or everyday dirt. When life happens, and accidents occur, simply toss your rug into the washing machine, follow the care instructions, and watch it emerge fresh and vibrant once again. Click to check our Wash & Maintenance Guide for your 185 round rug. 

What Size is a 185 Round Rugs ?

A 185 round rug typically measures 185 cm (approximately 1.85 meters) in diameter.

Can 185 Round Rugs be Returned?

Your satisfaction is our foremost concern. If, for any reason, you find yourself less than completely satisfied with your 185 Round Rugs, we offer a 30-day window from the date of receipt for hassle-free returns or exchanges. We want you to shop with confidence, knowing that your preferences are paramount to us, even if they happen to change.

Why Prioritize Durability in Our 185 Round Rugs ? 

Our 185 Round Rugs are designed to enhance your living spaces in every way imaginable. Crafted with all-weather suitability in mind, they effortlessly grace porches, sunrooms, decks, patios, and poolside areas with their versatile charm. Whether it's the sunny days of summer or the rainy seasons, these rugs hold up beautifully, adding style to your outdoor retreats year-round.
For added convenience, our rugs are non-shedding, ensuring a clean and tidy look without the hassle of loose fibers. Their pile heights vary, with a UV-protected variant boasting a comfortable 0.75 cm height. Durability is our commitment to providing you with long-lasting, reliable products. We believe that when you invest in something, it should serve you well for years to come.

Why Commitment to Sustainability Matters?

Sustainability rules. Crafted for all-weather suitability, they effortlessly grace porches, sunrooms, and more. Enjoy the convenience of non-shedding rugs with pile heights tailored to your needs. Made from a blend of polyester and polypropylene yarns, they marry durability and aesthetics.
What sets our rugs apart is their commitment to sustainability. Our low-impact manufacturing reduces energy consumption by 20%, and we source organic and natural fibers. Additionally, we prioritize sustainable shipping methods, opting for ocean shipping to minimize our carbon footprint. Our rugs are stored in energy-efficient warehouses before their eco-friendly final delivery. Choose our 185 Round Rugs for style that aligns with your values.