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To Deal With the "Cat Dilemma": The Rug Matters!

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In a family with cat friends, you may suffer from a dilemma: they add colours to your life and troubles to your rugs. You need to have a cat-friendly rug and realise how it can help you against the stains in your home, bringing you much convenience. For various kinds of cats, a rug style is recommended. Make your home truly dog friendly with a practical and stylish washable rug.

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The Dilemma With Cats & Rugs

Mate, if you're an Australian cat owner, you've probably come face-to-face with a familiar dilemma. You love your little furball, but not the mess they leave behind on your rugs. It's a bitter pill to swallow when you find your expensive rugs stained or soaked. Cats bring along their unique challenges, especially when it comes to maintenance. If you've found yourself, literally or not, wrestling with your rugs, trying to figure out how to clean them after your cat has had their way with them, you're not alone.

You've probably already experienced the frustration of trying to scrub out stubborn stains, and maybe you've even resigned yourself to the fact that cat ownership and clean rugs simply don't mix.

In my own example, I own a beautiful, rambunctious tabby named Roo. My family was close to our wits' end, trying to keep the rugs clean. However, my once bright and bold Persian rug then looked like a dull, dirtied piece of fabric, no longer the centrepiece of their living room. Then, I thought I'd figured out the solution by buying darker rugs, but even that didn't help because Roo is white. Her fur clings to the rug easily, and her frequent 'accidents' are even more noticeable on the dark fabric.

Rugs and Cats are important in your house; you need to reach a balance.

Something You Should Know Before Purchasing

Different types of rugs have their own way of dealing with stains, some copping it worse than others. Synthetic materials, though they're tough as nails and easy on the wallet, they're bloody magnets for grime and pet fur. Wool rugs, soft as a cloud and hardy, are a nightmare to get clean when stained. Looking at jute and sisal rugs? Sure, they're the bee's knees for the green-conscious Aussie, but cleaning them can be a real doozy.

What does "not washing-friendly" mean? Washing these rugs often requires proper scrubbing, specific cleaning agents and even a pro cleaner. It's a fair dinkum hassle, not to mention it can cost much, and it's a real drainer. It's an arm and a leg! To tackle the mess left by your cats' muddy feet, you'll need a rug that can handle a good wash.

But is there a better way? A way to enjoy the company of your cat friend without having to compromise on clean, stylish rugs? Later, my story changed.

Rugitall: A Game Changer for Cat Owners

Then, Rugitall entered the picture. I tried it for the first time and found it really surprising: it's hard to get dirty, and what's more, cleaning and positioning are so easy that I never get bored at doing so. The product's design for cat owners showcases its beauty. Our rugs are not only effortless to clean but are also designed to withstand wear, all while injecting your living space with an elegant touch of feline sophistication. Curious about the unique features that RugItAll offers?

Innovation at Its Best: Double-Layered Design

One of the groundbreaking features of RugItAll is its ingenious two-layer detachable design, breaking the rules in the rug industry. This functionality allows you to remove the surface layer with ease, giving it a spin in your washing machine while leaving the intact lower layer on the floor. Even with your playful felines around, your rug is always ready for another round of capers. With RugItAll, cleaning is a stress-free activity, saving you both time and effort. Intrigued? Try it out! Check it out!

The Polyester Advantage: Easy Cleaning and Durability

Rugitall products offer more than just washability; they promise extraordinary durability too. These rugs, woven from top-quality polyester, are created to withstand the rough-and-tumble activities of your lively cats.

Polyester, you wonder? This fabric is enduring and easy to clean. Whether it's embedded dirt, tipped-over food bowls, or shed hair, cleanliness is a straightforward affair. Meanwhile, polyester effectively resists dirt and odours and keeps your living space smelling fresh and looking clean. Experience the joy of hassle-free living with your cat.

Fashion and Functionality United

Rugitall goes beyond pragmatism; it's a statement of style. Rugitall products are available in a broad spectrum of patterns and colours, each promising to add a touch of charm to any home decor. The brand boasts an eclectic mix of styles, patterns, and colours. Whether you favour Moroccan or Persian, Classic or Contemporary, there's something for every taste. Also, you would like to see the rugs matching your cats - appropriate colours and patterns work together.

Here I provide you with some matches: for different kinds of cats, what types of rugs are recommended? Beyond these examples, you are free to be an aesthetic master for your house!

Recommended Styles: As You Like!

Domestic Short Hair: Rugitall Bartlett Mist Green Rug

Got a Domestic short hair, then choose the Rugitall Bartlett Mist Green. Its green tones blend perfectly with her fur - they look fine in colour and can hide any stray hairs that might be shed. It's like a bit of the great outdoors right in your living room. Plus, this rug's sturdy and a breeze to clean - It's the perfect match for your furry friend!

Rugitall Bartlett Mist Green Rug, recommended for Domestic Short Hair

Bengal: Rugitall Gemstone Interspersed Brown Rug

Rugitall Gemstone Interspersed Brown Rug is a perfect match for your Bengal's wild and luminous coat. This rug is plush and comfy, just the spot for your Bengal to have a bit of a catnap, and its colours make your eyes relaxed. It adds warmth to your house and your cat, for sure.


Rugitall Gemstone Interspersed Brown Rug, recommended for Bengal


Ragdoll: Rugitall Malevich's Block Black&White Rug

Rugitall Malevich's Block Black&White Rug can make the ragdoll even cuter! Its neutral shades match perfectly with your Ragdoll's coat, and the varied texture of the rug is perfect for her paws. As you see your Ragdoll lying on the rug, you will definitely feel better. It's not just a rug - it's a talking point!

Rugitall Malevich's Block Black&White Rug, recommended for Ragdoll

Siamese: Rugitall Rolling Flower Red & Burgundy Rug

The Rugitall Rolling Flower Red & Burgundy Rug echos the grace of your Siamese, and the rolling flower border is a ripper match for her spirited personality. Made with the same intricate craftsmanship as a top-notch Persian rug, it's like having a bit of history in your home. It's the perfect addition to any home with a regal Siamese about.

Rugitall Rolling Flower Red & Burgundy Rug, recommended for Siamese

Maine Coon: Rugitall colourful Diamond colourful Rug

The Rugitall Diamond colourful Rug's vibrant diamond pattern is as distinctive as your Maine Coon's majestic coat. The mix of sky blue, dark green, and other colours? A beaut match for your cat's eyes. It's the perfect centrepiece for any house with a regal Maine Coon roaming around.

Rugitall colourful Diamond colourful Rug, recommended for Maine Coon

British Shorthair: Rugitall Emblem Nostalgic Brown & Taupe Rug

Got a British Shorthair at home? Check out the Rugitall Emblem Nostalgic Brown & Taupe Rug. With tribal emblems in earthy browns and taupe, it's a stunner of a match for your shorthair's dense coat. With its soft and dense pile, your British shorthair will love sprawling out on it.

Rugitall Emblem Nostalgic Brown & Taupe Rug, recommended for British Shorthair

When choosing a style, the colours and the patterns matter. You need to be the aesthetic master of your own house and your cats. Make your own choices with RugItAll!

With an aim to serve Australian families, things like delivery and repair are convenient, and you can return the product within a month. Also, you can choose different sizes. Now take a look! Your dilemmas are to be settled.

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To Deal With the

To Deal With the "Cat Dilemma": The Rug Matters!

In a family with cat friends, you may suffer from a dilemma: they add colours to your life and troubles to your rugs. You need to have a cat-friendly rug and realise how it can help you against the stains in your home, bringing you much convenience. For various kinds of cats, a rug style is recommended. Make your home truly dog friendly with a practical and stylish washable rug.

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