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Rugbnb: Where Every Guest Gets Floored by Comfort

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Wonder what rug can do for your Airbnb renting? Check out the comfort and protection rug provides. An experienced host emphasises the importance of rugs in safeguarding floors from damage caused by rowdy guests and shares tips on incorporating rugs into her Airbnb.

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If you are an Airbnb renter who never takes rugs into your consideration, time for some light-shedding: your beloved hardwood, laminate, or tile is just as likely to be damaged by non-careful guests and is more expensive to replace than just a versatile, washable rug, with so much more sanitary and nicer looks. And with the comfy vibe, your guest will be more well-disposed to your suggestion when scrolling their phones for an easy stay at your place.

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We interviewed Lisa, an Airbnb host who has been using the rug for 2 years with some veteran feelings, for some seasoned thoughts and experience as she tried to provide some insights for any peer hosts or renters to take note of. Keep reading for some blend of subjective and objective words of wisdom.

Why the Rug in Airbnb Idea Occurred to Me?

When I first started hosting on Airbnb, I thought I had all my bases covered. I meticulously furnished my space, ensuring it had all the essentials for a comfortable stay. But as time went on, I realised there was one thing I had overlooked: the humble rug.

One day, it hit me like a ton of bricks when a particularly rowdy group of guests left my once-pristine hardwood floor scratched and scuffed. I was devastated! Not only was my beautiful flooring damaged, but the repair costs were enough to give me heart palpitations. That's when I knew I had to come up with a solution, and fast.

After some brainstorming and research, I stumbled upon the idea of incorporating rugs into my Airbnb. It seemed self-evident. Rugs are stylish and versatile and provide an extra layer of protection for my floors. Plus, they can be easily cleaned and replaced if necessary. It was like finding the missing puzzle piece that completed the picture-perfect stay for my guests.

Common Loose Ends After Hosting

For the post-rug area of my rental property, I was once criticised by a guest who rolled up a rug in the living room to exercise, and there was dust underneath. Sure, we can't just sweep it under the carpet. However, if you overlooked this hidden area, it's understandable. Now I ensure every movable rug in the property is rolled up, and the floor beneath should be cleaned between each guest stay. (I might have never discovered this problem had it not been for that guest, maybe count my blessings for no more such complaints alike).

But remember, some folks are just looking for something to pick about - no matter how perfect their stay is. I recently posted two topics on this very dust thing: one about people giving me glowing reviews and all five stars - but then giving me four stars for overall experience. Then people say in private reviews that the living room and kitchen can be cleaner, which they don't even get to fully utilise.

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Or some renters will tell you straight the rug fibres sticking out feel weird. After knowing those annoying little strands of fabric sticking out from your rug, you can tackle the mini rebellious hairs. Don't trifle with them, for they can make your rug look all messy and unkempt. Just grab some scissors and carefully snip those suckers off. That makes the best of both worlds.

Or you might face snags or pulled threads: Ever had a renter's shoe or a sharp object get caught on your rug and pull out a thread? It's like a little rug hiccup. Gently tug the thread back into place or even use a needle to carefully push it back through. Just don't yank it, or you might create a bigger problem.

The list goes on and on, like stains and spills, matting or crushing, colour fading, or sun damage. Always address the problem as much as you can and avoid confrontation with customers. That's what I gathered after a miscellany of situations witnessed. Don't be way too fussy unless they cross the line.

How a Washable Rug Comes Into Handy?

Actually, the answer is a no-brainer: just toss it into the washing machine, and it emerges as good as new. Let me tell you why a washable rug is a total game-changer for your Airbnb. Picture this: you've got guests coming and going, and let's be real, accidents happen. Spills, stains, muddy footprints - you name it. That's where a washable rug swoops in to save the day.

Cleanliness is key in the hospitality game. With a washable rug, you can easily keep it looking fresh and pristine for each new guest. No need to panic when someone spills their morning coffee or tracks in a bit of dirt from their outdoor adventures. Just toss that rug into the washing machine, follow the care instructions, and voila! It's back to its sparkling clean self, ready to welcome the next visitor.

Not only does a washable rug make your life easier as a host, but it also ensures a more sanitary environment for your guests. Let's face it. No one wants to step on a rug that carries the remnants of previous occupants. With a washable rug, you can maintain a higher level of cleanliness, giving your guests peace of mind and a more enjoyable stay.

Think of it as an investment in the longevity of your flooring as well. We all know that hardwood, laminate, or tile can be quite costly to replace. By placing a washable rug in high-traffic areas, you create a protective barrier that helps prevent damage to your floors. It's like adding an extra layer of insurance to keep your flooring looking top-notch.

So, if you want to make your life easier, keep things clean and hygienic, and add a stylish touch to your Airbnb, a washable rug is an absolute must-have. It's a practical and convenient solution that ensures both you and your guests can enjoy a comfortable and worry-free stay. Trust me, once you go washable, you'll never look back.

Best Options for Airbnb

  • Synthetic Rugs: Synthetic rugs, such as polypropylene or nylon, are excellent choices for Airbnb hosts: highly durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, perfect for high-traffic areas. Synthetic rugs also come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, allowing you to find the perfect match for your decor. Rugitall offers the perfect synthetic deal, with the face of 100% POLYESTER, Inner Lining of 100% Polyurethane, and backing of 100% Polyester Exclusive of trimming. Better to feel for yourself rather than to hear for many times.
Rugitall Traditional Red rug in the patio under sunshine
  • Wool Rugs: Built to last, they're like the superheroes of floor coverings. They can handle all the foot traffic you throw at them, which makes them perfect for rocking in an Airbnb where guests are constantly coming and going. And they're naturally resistant to stains! So even if someone spills a drink or drops a plate of spaghetti on them, you won't have to freak out. Just give them a quick clean, and they'll be good as new. Fancy a rug that screams luxury and won't freak out when someone spills their coffee? Go for a wool rug. Your floors will thank you.
  • Wool Blend Rugs: If you're looking for the best of both worlds, consider a wool blend rug. These rugs combine the durability and softness of wool with the added benefits of synthetic fibres. Wool blend rugs often have enhanced stain resistance and increased durability, making them an excellent choice for busy Airbnb properties.

Proceed-with-prudence Options

There's also a caveat list of materials that might catch your eye but calls for more consideration before diving in:

First up is cotton rugs. They've got the perks of being lightweight and versatile in a laid-back, casual vibe. They're also a breeze to clean and maintain. But here's the thing: they might not be as durable as other rug materials. They can be a bit more prone to wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas. So, if you've got guests coming and going like a revolving door, you might want to think twice before going all-in on cotton.

Next is viscose rugs. The silky smoothness of viscose is also known as art silk or rayon. These rugs have a luxurious sheen and a soft, silky texture that can make any room feel fancy. But here's the catch: they're a bit delicate. They don't handle moisture too well and can show signs of wear and tear more easily. So, if your Airbnb gets a lot of action or if you're dealing with clumsy guests who can't keep their drinks in their cups, you might want to be cautious with viscose.

Last but not least is silk rugs. Now, silk is the epitome of luxury and sophistication, no doubt about it. These rugs have a smooth, lustrous texture and intricate designs that can make your guests go "ooh" and "aah." But they are delicate little things. They require some serious tender loving care. Silk may not be the optimal choice for you if your Airbnb isn't akin to a museum where guests whisper and carefully sip their tea since it's unsuited for locations prone to high footfall, frequent spills, or heavy use.

The Bonus of a Rug for Airbnb Hosts

Visual appeal. A carefully chosen rug can take your space from blah to boom! It adds warmth, colour, and personality to your rooms, giving them that cozy and inviting vibe. It's like a magic wand that instantly transforms the place into a stylish haven.

Plushness. A rug with some thickness and cushioning is like walking on a cloud. Your guests will feel like they're strolling through a luxurious hotel suite, and that extra comfort will make them feel right at home. It's those small touches that make a big difference.

Rugs That Work Great and Look Great

  • Geometric Patterns: These babies are versatile and can match various styles. From bold and modern designs to timeless patterns, they bring that extra oomph and contemporary flair to your space.
  • Bohemian or Moroccan Vibes: If you want to add some spice and wanderlust to your Airbnb, go for bohemian or Moroccan-inspired rugs. They come with intricate patterns and vibrant colours that scream, "Adventure awaits!"
  • Vintage or Distressed Coolness: Want to give your place that vintage charm? Look no further than vintage or distressed rugs. They bring a touch of nostalgia with faded colours and worn areas that tell stories of the past.

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Airbnb Rugs: Protect Floors, Boost Style & Increase Guest Satisfaction!

Rugbnb: Where Every Guest Gets Floored by Comfort

Wonder what rug can do for your Airbnb renting? Check out the comfort and protection rug provides. An experienced host emphasises the importance of rugs in safeguarding floors from damage caused by rowdy guests and shares tips on incorporating rugs into her Airbnb.

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