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Little Round Rug Knowledge Goes a Long Way: Get You Well-Rounded

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Discover the allure of round rugs and revolutionise your decor! Embrace curvaceous charm, elevate your space, and create a harmonious flow. Unleash the power of optical illusion, making your room feel larger than life. Browse our captivating collection now and add a touch of whimsy to your home. Redefine your style with round rugs!

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The round shape is kinda the avant-garde regarding rugs, but since the stereotypical aesthetics for square boxy rugs is prevailing, why not have a blast with the round miracles?

So, we are here seeking some ground to break away from the squares and delve into the curvaceous world of round area rugs. Keep scrolling for more "well-rounded" insights. Round Rugitall Daybreak Secrets Red & Burgundy Rug under dining table

Rug-wise, When to Go Round?

If you buy a styling round rug on a whim or on purpose but have no clue about getting it right, simple and straightforward ideas might go a long way towards your drawing-a-blank mind. Take these tricks (best to put in practice) and make yourself a quasi-pro(or a rising talent for a humble version.)

Match the Curvy Room Architect

Unlike traditional square rugs, round rugs possess an inherent ability to match curvy room architectures flawlessly. Embracing the shape of the room, round rugs soften the edges and create a harmonious flow throughout the space. They beautifully complement rounded walls, arched doorways, and curved staircases, leading to an inviting and seamless ambience.

By choosing a round rug that complements the architecture, you can elevate your room's aesthetics to a new level of sophistication and elegance. Say goodbye to awkward corners and hello to seamless elegance. Watch our chic Rugitall Flipped Skyline Grey & Silver Rug effortlessly waltz around rounded walls, gracefully glide along arched doorways, and stair-step with curved staircases.

Rugitall Flipped Skyline Grey & Silver Rug in living room

Complement the Existing Circular Objects

Round rugs are not just limited to matching room curves; they also excel at complementing existing circular objects in your decor. Whether it's a round coffee table, a pendant light fixture, or a wall mirror, a well-placed round rug can enhance and accentuate these elements. The combination of circular shapes creates a delightful visual synergy that draws attention and adds a touch of uniqueness to your interior design.

Round rugs have a talent for being the perfect wingman (or wing-rug?) to your existing circular treasures. They know how to accentuate those cool round coffee tables, disco ball-like pendant lights, and hypnotising wall mirrors.

RoundRugitall Passion Fad Red & Burgundy Rug under coffee table

Hint: When flaunting a circular light fixture or dining table, don't go off-kilter with your round rug - centre it like a boss, and you'll thank me later. Our case in point: Rugitall Passion Fad Red & Burgundy Rug right in the middle of the spotlight above!

When the Space Feels Right

Positioning a round rug correctly within the space is essential to make the most of its impact. Ideally, it should be centred under a focal point, such as a chandelier or a dining table, to tie the room together. However, don't be afraid to experiment with contrasts by placing the round rug amidst straight lines, like a rectangular sofa or a square coffee table. This creates an intriguing juxtaposition, adding visual interest and breaking the monotony.

When placing a round rug under a round dining table or any furniture, it's essential to ensure proper positioning. Be sure to avoid a rug tug-of-war: give them both some personal space, like 30 cm or more. No squabbles, just harmony, and they'll be spinning in style.

Larger-than-life Space Amplifier

One of the most convincing merits of a round rug is its ability to make a room feel larger than it is. You know, we all crave for extra value for money when buying rugs or anything else. And here it is! Even though it's a white-lie, we can still buy into it as we like.

Round Rugitall Cubic Maze White & Cream Rug in living room

The absence of sharp corners tricks the eye into perceiving more space, making it an ideal choice for smaller rooms or compact apartments. The playful repeated pattern of Rugitall Cubic Maze White & Cream Rug is perfect to create a spacious visual illusion that opens up the room and offers a sense of airiness and expansiveness. The magical round rug illusion is here to make your tiny space feel like a sprawling mansion.

Furniture Ploy is Round Rug's favourite

Round rugs are incredibly versatile and play well with various furniture arrangements. Placing a Rugitall Silvery Stillness Quest Grey & Silver Rug under a circular table or a cozy reading nook encourages better flow and interaction among occupants; this is the secret ingredient for a cuddle-worthy reading session.

Round Rugitall Silvery Stillness Quest Grey & Silver Rug under coffee table

They are also spot-on fits for creating intimate conversation areas in large living rooms. A round rug beneath a bed in a bedroom adds a touch of softness and warmth, creating a cozy oasis to unwind in. Make conversations flow like champagne at a celebration, and blend the round chicness into every scene with a snap.

Oval Rugs Might be a Surprise Attack

If you seek an unexpected twist, consider oval rugs. (Though not available at Rugitall, it's on the cards for some time to come.) But the facts can not be trifled with: these slightly elongated round rugs bring a fresh perspective to your decor, blurring the lines between traditional rectangular and circular shapes.

Oval rugs provide a dynamic and stylish alternative, perfect for spaces that require a hint of uniqueness while retaining the classic appeal of a round rug. These shape-shifters blur the lines between rectangular and circular, adding an unexpected twist to your space.

Round or Square, Let's Compare

Round Rug Square Rug
Curvaceous Charm ✓ Adds elegance and softness
Flow and Movement ✓ Promotes seamless design
Architectural Match ✓ Complements curved structures
Circular Object Accentuation ✓ Enhances circular furniture
Space Amplification ✓ Creates an optical illusion
Furniture Placement Versatility ✓ Fits various arrangements
Limited Symmetry ✓ May not suit symmetrical styles
Spatial Constraints ✓ Can be overshadowed in large spaces
Placement Challenges ✓ Offers more straightforward placement

So in this passage, we play favouritism and give the round rug a leg up (the sheet above is a lop-sided list for highlighting the merits of the round rug.) For the time being, you don't want rave reviews for square ones, and let's just be partial to the round cuties. More comparasion here: Square vs. Round Rugs: A Shape Showdown for Rug Supremacy.

Take it with a grain of salt? Here's the real deal:

Round rugs are excellent choices for small rooms as they create an illusion of spaciousness due to their lack of sharp corners. Square rugs are more commonly favoured in larger rooms, where they can define specific areas or anchor furniture arrangements effectively.

Round Rugitall Distorted Dreamscape Pink & Purple Rug in living room

Round rugs tend to be popular in bohemian, eclectic, and modern interiors, where their unique shape can add a touch of whimsy and playfulness. Square rugs are versatile and work well in a broader range of styles, including contemporary, traditional, and minimalist themes.

Ultimately, the choice between a round and square rug comes down to personal taste. Some people might prefer the bold statement of a round rug, while others lean towards the timeless elegance of a square rug.

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Round Rugs Unleash The Power of Curves in Your Home Decor!

Little Round Rug Knowledge Goes a Long Way: Get You Well-Rounded

Discover the allure of round rugs and revolutionise your decor! Embrace curvaceous charm, elevate your space, and create a harmonious flow. Unleash the power of optical illusion, making your room feel larger than life. Browse our captivating collection now and add a touch of whimsy to your home. Redefine your style with round rugs!

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