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Crown Your Queen Bed: A Rug Sizing Odyssey for the Discerning Decorator

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Harper Anderson Harper Anderson

Search for the perfect rug size to complement your queen bed? Well, fret not, for here's the wisdom to unravel this royal riddle. In the majestic realm of bedroom decor, where the size of your rug can make or break the regal ambience. Time to explore the enchanting secrets of rug sizing for a queen bed and embark on this whimsical journey to find the perfect fit for your majestic sleep sanctuary.

Deets for Queen beds

Take a look at the elusive art of creating the perfect bedroom. While you painstakingly select the right paint colour, agonise over furniture choices, and ponder the placement of decorative accents, there's one crucial detail that often gets overlooked: the size of your bed. But fear not; design-savvy tips are here to enlighten you on the untapped superpower that comes with knowing all the bed sizes. Get ready to unleash the charm and wit of a well-fitted rug that will make your bedroom the envy of all who dare to enter. Start with all the bed sizes we have in Australia.

Bed Size

Width x Length (MM)

Width x Length (Inches)

King Single

1055 x 2030mm

41.9 x 80"


1385 x 1900mm

54.5 x 74.8"


1525 x 2030mm

60 x 80"


1835 x 2030mm

72.2 x 80"

Solid and conventional queen-bed rug tips always work

You just can't go wrong with them. These tried-and-true guidelines have stood the test of time for a reason. For starters, make sure the rug is big enough to go beyond the edges of the bed by at least 18 inches (45.72 cm) on each side. You can opt for more, but hopefully not less, contingent on your space stock. This creates a balanced and put-together look, keeping the rug from looking like it's playing hide-and-seek with the bed.

Always consider the height and style of your bed frame. If you've got a sleek, low-profile bed, a thinner rug can accentuate its modern vibes. But if your bed is all fancy and ornate, go for a thicker, more luxurious rug to match its elegance. Like Rugitall's Diamond Moroccan Polychrome Rug, a mix of great posh accent and playful pattern or a solid symmetrical one: Miami Outdoor Blue & White Rug

Sample picture of Rugitall Miami Outdoor Blue & White Rug beside a wooden bench & Rugitall Diamond Moroccan Polychrome Rug

Colours and patterns matter too! Choose a rug color that complements or contrasts with your bedding and walls. Solid colors can blend in or pop, depending on what you're going for. And if you're feeling a bit adventurous, opt for a rug with a subtle pattern or texture to add depth and visual interest to your bedroom.

Fresh rug placement perspective adds leaven

We're talking about adding some pizzazz to your rug placement game! Who says rugs have to be all straight and rectangular? Get funky with a round rug! Placing a circular rug under your queen bed creates a cool contrast with the bed's straight lines. It's like mixing peanut butter and jelly - unexpected but oh-so-delicious!

A round rug can define a cozy reading nook or create a fancy focal point at the foot of your bed. Who wouldn't want to wiggle their toes in that? Try to start by placing the rug in the middle of your bed and letting it extend several feet past the foot, a clever trick works wonders, especially in narrow rooms, letting it stretch beyond the foot and creating a visually appealing and proportionate look. It's like giving your bed a stylish runway to strut its stuff.

Another detour to the land of runner rugs. Forget about putting them only at the foot of the bed. Why not place a runner rug along the side? It adds some length and flow to your space, making it feel more open and inviting.

A little caveat: never consider it under a bed; it just won't fit and will be a wet blanket going unnoticed and unpractical. Plus, a runner rug with a killer pattern or a bold splash of colour becomes a statement piece that screams, "Look at me. I'm fabulous!"

Rugitall Round and Runner Rugs

Solid tips give you a solid start, but don't be afraid to shake things up with round rugs and unconventional runner placements. Let your creativity run wild and turn your rug into a style statement that truly reflects your personality. Now go forth, my rug-placing maverick, and create a bedroom that's as unique as you are!

Rugitall size guide for queen bed

When it comes to placing a rug under a queen bed, here's the lowdown on sizes and options. Let's start with a 120*185 rug. Now, honestly, it's a tad too small to fit nicely under a queen bed. But hold up! If you really dig a pair of 4x6 rugs, you can go rogue and place two of them side by side or put one rug on each side of the bed. It'll take up more space than a single 9x12 rug, but hey, it might work for you.

Next up, we got the 150*215 rug. It's not the ideal size but the smallest one that can handle a queen bed all by itself. This could be perfect for a cozy little bedroom where you wanna save some space. Just be ready to say goodbye to one or both of your nightstands. The shorter length of the 5x7 rug often looks better without those bedside buddies.

For a standard-sized room with a queen bed. Here comes the 185*275 rug to the rescue! It's a sweet size that gives you a soft landing on both sides of the bed. Although it won't reach under the bedside tables, it still does a darn good job of tying the room together. And if you're rocking a wider non-standard queen bed like an Olympic queen, the 6x9 rug is your go-to.

Got a bigger space? Well, lucky you! Time to think about an 245*305 rug. Now, you've got two options here. You can go all in and lay the rug under both nightstands and the bed. It's like a cozy carpeted island for your sleep haven. But if you've got a California queen bed or some extra furniture at the foot of your bed, another cool move is to position the rug about a quarter of the way down from the head of the bed. It adds a touch of luxury and makes the room feel even more spacious.

Last but not least, the granddaddy of rugs is the 275*365 rug. This size offers the most coverage, creating an anchor for your bed and nightstands. It's like rolling out the red carpet for your sleep palace. Plus, it's perfect if you wanna hide any flooring that displeases you. So go big or go home with the 9x11 rug and make a statement in your queen bed kingdom.

Remember, these are just guidelines to get you started. You can always mix it up, try different sizes, and see what works best for your space. The most important thing is to choose a rug that makes you feel like the queen (or king) of your domain. Wishing you a happy rug hunting! We got a placement sheet available for you based on Rugitall's all general sizes.

Area Rug Size(cm)

Bedroom Size

of Nightstands

Rug Placement





















Prepared to transform your bedroom into a Rugitall wonderland?

Rugitall Area Rug under a queen size bed

Note the star of the show: your bed. It's the piece of furniture that you'll spend the most time on, so why not make it a showstopper? We're totally obsessed with upholstered beds, and here's why: they bring together elegance and comfort in the most magical way.

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Crown Your Queen Bed: A Rug Sizing Odyssey for the Discerning Decorator

Crown Your Queen Bed: A Rug Sizing Odyssey for the Discerning Decorator

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