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My Family's Favorite Rug Brand: RugItAll! Why?

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On my son's recommendation, my family has adopted a niche brand of rug called RugItAll for both life and work. This rug is quiet and non-slip, and it has become my family's favorite.

Olivia Jones Olivia Jones

Hello, friends! I am writing this article today to document a perfect rug I have recently encountered in my life and work. The rug is from an emerging and niche brand, RugItAll at Australia.

I'm sure many people like me have never heard of this brand. And I know the brand because of my son. He just entered an out-of-town university this year as a freshman and lives in the school dormitory. My son is usually a light sleeper who is easily woken up by a sound, so he can't get enough sleep in a crowded dormitory environment. He can still hear sounds even when he wears earplugs.

My son, on the other hand, is very independent. He is quite capable of solving problems by himself. He bought a sound-absorbing rug to dull the sound of his roommate's footsteps. He scoured shopping websites until he found one called RugItAll, where he bought a carpet. He told me the rug was a good deal, buy one, gets one free, and that was exactly what he thought.

While I was pleased by my son's thrifty nature, I was also concerned about whether this unknown rug was having a good effect. After using the rugs for a while, my son told me that they absorb noise so well that sometimes he sleeps soundly without earplugs and doesn't wake up. He also told me that the brand's rugs are also very anti-slip. After his roommate spilled water on the rug last time, it absorbed the water quickly and didn't slip. He thought the kitchen and bathroom could be RugItAll rugs, too.

I was so warmed by my son's thoughtfulness that I bought a rug on the RugItAll. Since it's a two-for-one deal, I can use one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. My son told me that RugItAll's rugs are anti-slip. When water drips, the rug quickly absorbs moisture. It's also effortless to clean. When there are stains and dust, I use the vacuum cleaner and the floor washer to clean it, and it instantly becomes spotless. More kitchen rugs experience from Liza here.

Sometimes some dark sauce drips onto the rug, leaving no mark after cleaning. Even more thoughtful, the rug features a magnetic double layer that can be removed and washed in the washing machine. This is very convenient for us housewives, saving time and effort.

A rug is spread under the bed.

My husband runs several movie theaters. I complimented my husband on the rug in our daily conversations. I told him that my son and I loved the site's rug. Unexpectedly, my husband was very interested. He told me that the rugs that his movie theater is using now tend to roll up, making them look very textured and not giving customers a good feeling. Also, the rug in the theater always looks dirty because drinks like Coke leave marks when spilled on it. He asks me if the RugItAll rugs roll. I told him there had been no curling in the months I used it. He said that if RugItAll's rugs were as good as we said they were, he would like to replace all the theater rugs with RugItAll's. I think it's a good idea, but RugItAll sells everyday rugs on its website, so it's unclear whether it accepts customization. My husband asked me to contact RugItAll's customer service to see if his idea would work. So, I contacted RugItAll's customer service staff and got a positive response. The customer service staff told me that customization was OK. It just needed a certain period. Also, you can't get a two-for-one deal on a custom rug. However, because the customized area is large, he can give us a 20% discount, which I think is also very cost-effective.

Rug in the kitchen has the effect of decorating the space.

A month or two later, my husband's cinema changed to RugItAll's rug, which worked very well. When a guest spills drinks and food on the rug, the cleaners clean it with a vacuum cleaner and a floor washer. This basic routine maintenance can achieve very good results. Also, as my son said, RugItAll's rugs are very quiet. When I visited the cinema, I found the whole space very quiet. There was no walking sound at all. My husband and I sighed that this brand did not make a mistake or meet our expectations.

We now have RugItAll rugs in our bedroom, living room, dining room, and doorway. RugItAll has become an essential part of our family. It brought convenience to our family life, but also let us, a family of three closely linked together, feel very happy for this. Although RugItAll is very niche, we are still lucky enough to choose it among its vast products. I hope more friends can recognize this brand and recognize their rug.

Sincerely wish RugItAll a prosperous business!

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My Family's Favorite Rug Brand: RugItAll! Why?

My Family's Favorite Rug Brand: RugItAll! Why?

On my son's recommendation, my family has adopted a niche brand of rug called RugItAll for both life and work. This rug is quiet and non-slip, and it has become my family's favorite.

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